Histology means the microscopic study of tissues of human body. Histology is a branch of microscopic anatomy and deals only with the microscopic structure of tissues. Different tissues combine to form and organ and organs are the units of organs systems. So for the structural and functional details of the organs and organ systems, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of histology.

Importance of Histology

Microscopy reveals minor details of objects under study and in Histology, minor details of tissues of human body are revealed. These details help the medical professionals to understand the mechanisms of different processes taking place in specific organs. Knowledge of histology shows how different cells are organized to form tissues and how each cell and tissue show modification according to their functional demands. Knowledge of Histology is gaining importance in diagnosis of certain diseases like cancers. Such diagnoses are very important because these diseases are fatal and if not diagnosed correctly, they certainly end in death.

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MANanatomy.com provides a great resource of human histology where you can learn histology extremely quickly and very easily. You will not have to memorize those lengthy pages of your books anymore. The explanation of human histology is divided into the following sections;
Histology of Connective tissue
Histology of Muscle
Histology of Nervous tissue
Histology of Circulatory system
Histology of Lymph organs
Skin and its appendages