Skull: Posterior View

The following components of the skull are prominent in the posterior view:

Posterior parts of parietal bones:

The posterior parts of the two parietal bones along with the intervening sagittal suture are prominent in the upper part of the posterior view of skull.

Squamous part of occipital bone:

In the lower part of the posterior view, the parietal bones articulate with the squamous part of the occipital bone at the lambdoid suture.

Temporal bone:

On each side, the occipital bone articulates with the temporal bone.

External occipital protuberance:

It is a roughened elevation in the midline of the occipital bone. It gives attachment to muscles and nuchal ligament (ligamentum nuchae).

Superior nuchal lines:

These are lines that extend from either side of the external occipital protuberance laterally towards the temporal bone.