Medial Cuneiform

Medial cuneiform bone articulates with navicular proximally and the base of first metatarsal distally.

Medial Cuneiform

Medial Cuneiform

Structure of Medial Cuneiform:

It consists of the following surfaces.

  • Dorsal Surface: It is rough and narrow.
  • Distal Surface: It is the facet for the base of first metatarsal bone.
  • Proximal Surface: It bears a facet for the navicular bone.
  • Medial Surface: It is rough, subcutaneous and vertically convex. There is a large impression for the tendon of tibialis anterior.
  • Lateral Surface: It is partly non-articular and contains a smooth right-angled strip for the intermediate cuneiform.

Blood supply of medial cuneiform:

Medial cuneiform bone receives its blood supply from the dorsal arterial network via medial, lateral and dorsal surfaces.

Nerve supply to medial cuneiform:

The medial cuneiform is supplied by the deep peroneal and medial plantar nerves.

Ossification of medial cuneiform:

The center of ossification of the medial cuneiform bone appears during the second year of life. Sometimes, there may be two centers instead of one.