Intermetacarpal Joints

Intermetacarpal joints occur between the bases of second to fifth metacarpal bones. They articulate reciprocally by small facets, which are covered with cartilage. These joints contain a fibrous capsule, which adds to their stability.

Intermetacarpal Joints

Intermetacarpal Joints Shown in section through wrist

Ligaments of intermetacarpal joints:

Three ligaments are important for the structure of intermetacarpal joints. These are: Dorsal, Plamar and Interosseous. The dorsal and palmar ligaments pass transversely from bone to bone while the interosseous ligaments connect contigous surfaces just distal to their articular facets.

Synovial Membranes of intermetacarpal joints:

The synovial membranes are continuous with those of the carpometacarpal joints.

Movements at the intermetacarpal joints:

The movements are limited to slight gliding, which is sufficient to permit some flexion-extension and adjunct rotation. The fifth metacarpal is more movable than the second, third and fourth.Movements at carpometacarpal and intermetacarpal joints are effected by the flexors and extensors of the second to fifth digits.