Supraorbital nerve

Supraorbital nerve is one of the two terminal branches of the frontal nerve, the other being supratrochlear nerve.


After originating from the frontal nerve midway between the apex and the base of the orbital cavity, the supraorbital nerve passes through the supraorbital foramen. During passage through this foramen, it gives off palpebral filaments to the upper eyelid.

The nerve then ascends upon the forehead and ends in two branches; a medial branch and a lateral branch. These branches supply the skin of the forehead, reaching nearly as far back as the lamdoid suture.


The supraorbital nerve innervates the following structures;

  • Upper eyelid
  • Conjunctiva of the eye
  • Mucosa of the frontal sinus
  • Skin of the forehead extending back nearly to the middle of the scalp