Tensor fascia latae

Tensor fascia latae is a muscle of thigh that, according to its name, primarily acts as a tensor of fascia lata of thigh.

Origin of tensor fascia latae:

It originates from the outer edge of iliac crest between the anterior superior iliac spine and the iliac tubercle.

Insertion of tensor fascia latae:

The fibers of this muscle run downward and backward and are inserted into the iliotibial tract.

Nerve supply tensor fascia latae:

It receives its nerve supply from Superior gluteal nerve.

Action of tensor fascia latae:

As the muscle is inserted into the iliotibial tract, when it contracts, traction is exerted through the iliotibial tract on the knee. Thus it assists the gluteus maximus muscle in keeping the knee joint extended. As long as the iliotibial tract remains in front of the axis of flexion of knee joint, it assists in keeping it extended. Often when a person is standing, the upward pull of the iliotibial tract is the most important factor in keeping the body stable because the quadriceps may be relaxed.