Gluteus medius

Gluteus medius is a thick fan-shaped muscle and its posterior part is covered by the gluteus maximus.

Origin of gluteus medius:

It originates from the outer surface of ilium.

Insertion of gluteus medius:

The fibers pass downward and laterally to get inserted to lateral surface of the greater trochanter.

Nerve supply of gluteus medius:

Gluteus medius is supplied by superior gluteal nerve.

Action of gluteus medius:

It acts along with gluteus minimus as powerful abductor of the thigh at hip joint. Its most important action takes place in walking and running. The three gluteal muscles (gluteas maximus, medius and minimus) contract and steady the pelvis on the lower limb. When the foot of the opposite side is taken off the ground, the pelvis is held in position by contraction of these three muscles and the unsupported side doesn’t tilt down. The anterior fibers of gluteus medius also function in medial rotation of thigh.