Inferior ophthalmic vein

Inferior ophthalmic vein is one of the two veins that drain the orbital cavity and structures within it.


The inferior ophthalmic vein begins in a venous network in the anterior part of the floor of the orbit.  This venous network is formed by the following veins;

  • Vorticose veins
  • Veins from Inferior rectus muscle and Inferior oblique muscle
  • Veins from lacrimal sac
  • Veins from eyelids

The inferior ophthalmic vein then runs backward in the inferior part of the orbit and divides into two branches;

  • One of these branches passes through the inferior orbital fissure and joins the pterygoid venous plexus.
  • The other branch passes through the superior orbital fissure and ends in the cavernous sinus with the superior ophthalmic vein.