Lymph Capillaries Vs Blood Capillaries

There are distinct capillaries for blood and lymph. Both of these have few contrasting features, which are explained in the lines below:

Lymph Capillaries:

  1. Colorless, difficult to observe.
  2. Blind (closed at the tip).
  3. Wider than blood capillaries.
  4. Wall consist of thin endothelium and poorly developed basement membrane.
  5. Contain colorless lymph.
  6. Have relatively low pressure.
  7. Absorb tissue fluid from inter¬cellular spaces.

Blood Capillaries:

  1. Reddish, easy to observe.
  2. Joined to arterioles at one end and to venules at another end.
  3. Narrower than lymph capillaries
  4. Wall consist of normal endothelium and basement membrane.
  5. Contain red blood.
  6. Have relatively high pressure.
  7. Add tissue fluid to intercellular spaces.