Arteries which do not anastomose with their neighbors are called end arteries. Their is no collateral circulation present besides the end arteries.

Examples of end arteries:

  • Central artery of retina and labyrinthine artery of internal ear are the best examples of absolute end arteries.
  • Central branches of cerebral arteries and vasa recta of mesenteric arteries.
  • Arteries of spleen, kidney, lungs and metaphyses of long bones.
End arteries (Vasa Recta of Mesenteric Arteries)

End arteries (Vasa Recta of Mesenteric Arteries)

Importance of end arteries:

Occlusion of an end-artery causes serious nutritional disturbances resulting in death of the tissue supplied by it. For example, occlusion of central artery of retina results in blindness. The results are severe because the blood flow to that region is completely stopped since there is no collateral circulation.