Basic Anatomy

What is basic anatomy?

Basic anatomy is one of the three major subdivisions of human anatomy (with Gross Anatomy and Histology). It is actually a code to understand the terminology and concepts of anatomy.
Basic anatomy introduces the students to the definitions, terminology and basic theme of anatomy. Without knowing the very basic concepts, it is very difficult to understand the complex structural details of human body and that is why, basic anatomy must be learned completely before learning human anatomy. In the gross anatomy, you will study the general and special features of Humerus (arm bone) however, you first need to know what is a bone and what are its characteristics. This part of anatomical study is covered in Basic Anatomy and from this illustration, you can easily imagine the importance of it.

Learn Basic Anatomy at explains basic anatomy in a taxonomic way. The complete description is made in 9 sections, which are all listed below. All the necessary details are explained, however we have tried to keep things as brief as possible because you should only be getting basic knowledge in basic anatomy. When you complete the course of Basic anatomy at, you will find yourself at significant benefit in the process of learning the complete anatomy of human body.
The explanation of basic anatomy is divided into the following sections;

Gross Anatomy of Human Body systems:

All the links above explain only the basic anatomy of various systems of human body. To learn the detailed gross anatomy, visit the links below;