Psoas Minor Muscle

Psoas minor is a long slender muscle, which is present in front of the psoas major muscle. It is a rather unimportant muscle and is absent in about 40% of individuals.

Origin of psoas minor muscle:

The psoas minor muscle originates from the vertical fascicles inserted on the twelfth thoracic and first lumbar vertebrae. The Intervertebral disc between the two vertebrae also gives origin to some of its fibers.

Insertion of psoas minor muscle:

From its origin, the muscle passes down onto the medial border of the psoas major, and is inserted into the iliopecitneal eminence and linea terminalis of hip bone.

Nerve supply to psoas minor muscle:

The psoas minor is innervated by the lumbar plexus.

Actions of psoas minor muscle:

It is a weak muscle and has no significant role in human body. It acts as a weak flexor of the lumbar vertebral column.