Anastomoses around elbow and wrist

Anastomosis around the elbow joint

Recurrent branches, in some cases double, arise from radial, ulnar and interosseous arteries and run upwards both anterior and posterior to the elbow joint, to anas­tomose with descending articular branches of the profunda brachii, and the ulnar collateral arteries.

Anastomosis around the wrist joint

Both radial and ulnar arteries give off anterior and posterior carpal branches. These anatomose with each other deep to the long tendons, forming the anterior and posterior carpal arches. The anterior carpal arch lies transversely across the wrist joint; it supplies the carpal bones and sends branches distally into the hand to anastomose with the deep palmar arch. The posterior carpal arch lies transversely across the distal row of carpal bones. It sends dorsal meta­carpal arteries distally into each metacarpal space; these divide to supply the fingers and they anastomose through the interosseous spaces with the palmar digital and metacarpal branches of the palmar arches. Thus a free anastomosis is established between radial and ulnar arteries through the carpal and palmar arches.