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Mananatomy.com offers the knowledge of Human Anatomy to every one. The website is made to share the knowledge with everyone. The content of the website is under the copyright law and no one is allowed it to use without permission of the website owner but the knowledge is free and online. The website explains all the aspects of Human Anatomy efficiently and allows people to learn Human Anatomy easily and efficiently.

The Author

The Author of the content of this website is Ahsan Iqbal who is a student of Medicine and Surgery in Khyber Medical College Peshawar Pakistan. The author has received professional level education of Human Anatomy from his college through dissections, books, manuals, and tests. The author has also received professional level education of Histology.

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There are different ways of helping Mananatomy.com. If you are a webmaster and you own a website, you can add a link to Mananatomy.com on your website. If you want to donate money then please let us know; [intlink id=”contact”]Contact Us[/intlink]